Microsoft confirms that it was also cyberattacked

Another day, another company announcing that it was attacked. So goes it for Microsoft, which has confirmed shortly after Facebook and Apple were attacked that it likewise was targeted. The information comes from the Microsoft Security Response Center team over on TechNet, which says that it did not make this information known sooner because it was gathering data about the attack.

Microsoft says that the attacks were similar to those experienced by Facebook and Apple. While investigating the issue, Microsoft found that "a small number" of computers, which it says included some in its Mac business unit, had been infected by malware. The investigation is still underway, but thus far the company reports that it doesn't appear customer information was messed with.

Microsoft says that the attack does not surprise it, with such activities being a common occurrence, something it is forced to deal with frequently. Because of this, the company says that it regularly re-evaluates its security, taking on additional personnel, processes, and technology when needed to keep such cyberattacks at bay.

This week and last, both Facebook and Apple were targeted by a zero-day Java exploit, with Facebook saying that no customer information was compromised, and with Apple reporting that a "small number" of computers had been affected. Twitter was also attacked not too long ago, announcing that as many as 250,000 accounts could have been compromised.

[via Tech Net]