Microsoft confirms Mac Office 365 subscription details

This week Microsoft is making sure all is clear on what's happening with the new version and subscription fees, not to mention the contents, of the Mac version of Office 365 Home Premium. This software will indeed be in a pack with the ability to acquire Office for Mac 2011 in the upcoming wave of availability for Apple lovers. This announcement comes after a mistaken quote reported across the web that Mac users would have to purchase Office for Mac 2011 separately from Office 365 Home Premium altogether.

This update also makes it clear that Microsoft intends on releasing several different packages for Mac users as well, with a note of theirs stating the following. "The final version of Office 365 Home Premium, when available, will include Office for Mac as an option of the 5 devices – Macs could be all five of the devices if the subscriber chooses, and at no additional cost."

Microsoft recently previewed many features of the newest release of Office 365 as well as Office 2013 for release alongside Windows 8. Windows 8 will be shipping October 26th, 2012, while Office will likely be launched in each of its new iterations soon after that date. Office 365 for Mac will be including access to Office for Mac (2011) as part of its five per user device limit.

Unlike the Office for 2013 for Windows 8 edition of the software, it appears more likely that the Mac version of the software will be coming out early next year.

[via ComputerWorld]