Microsoft claims Vista sales figures in China are inaccurate

Last week we reported that Microsoft only managed to sell a measly 244 copies of Windows Vista in China. According to an official statement from Microsoft, that number is inaccurate.

Microsoft declined to actually specify what number was correct, but apparently they were pleased with it. "We're pleased with the positive consumer response we've seen around the globe to the security and usability enhancements in Windows Vista‚Äďand China is no exception."

I find it a little strange that they didn't actually give a specific number, or even an approximation. Seems to me that if they were so "pleased" they would want to tell us how many were sold. Perhaps they were simply pleased that they sold any; they never actually said they sold more than 244, simply that the number was inaccurate.

MS: China's Vista sales not so poor [via macnn]