Microsoft claims collecting royalties on 70% of all Android devices

Two more Android tablet makers will now have to pay Microsoft a royalty on their products or risk winding up in court. Aluratek and Coby Electronics are the latest companies to be added to Microsoft's ever growing patent-licensing list, with Microsoft saying that it now collects royalties on 70% of Android-based devices.

That amounts to a lot of pocket change for Microsoft, and since Aluratek and Coby would likely find themselves in court if they didn't join Microsoft's licensing list, we're guessing that they won't complain too much about having to pay Microsoft a fee.

Aluratek is mainly known for its Android tablets and e-readers, with Coby also producing Android tablets as well as netbooks and TVs. Microsoft says that the Android OS and Chrome OS infringe on some of its secretly-held patents, which makes sending an Android or Chrome-based device to market without paying Microsoft some money first a chance that a lot of companies apparently aren't willing to take.

Which company will be the next to start paying Microsoft a royalty? Time will surely tell, as we're positive that we haven't heard the last of Microsoft's now-infamous licensing list.

[via ZDNet]