Microsoft Chrome Series Xbox 360 Controllers Wow For $54.99 Each

There's a new set of Xbox 360 controllers out there for the masses starting in May, each of them chromed-out so you can shine all the way to the speedway and back. There's nothing quite like winning a first-person shooter headshot challenge with an unstained fire-red shiny new controller, and Microsoft is demonstrating here how well they know your need for reflections of greatness. These controllers will work with all Xbox 360 models on the market today and include the "transforming" D-pad you all know, love, and want.

These controllers will be popping up in stores and online starting in what Microsoft describes as "Mid-May," so expect them right around my birthday, closer to the end of the month. Getting charged up for July early, these controllers come in red, white, or silver, and each does indeed have a D-pad for your advanced super-futuristic D-pad gameplay here and through the future. Of course the buttons outside that pad are then classic colors such as yellow, blue, red, and green.

You'll be dropping $54.99 apiece for these little beasts, and each of them is completely wireless. You'll need to toss in your own rechargeable batteries here, and be sure you get the nice ones too – dont want to run out in the middle of a bloodfest. Also just incase you're wondering – these are indeed put out by Microsoft, not a 3rd party source – no worries!