Microsoft checked Nokia's books and killed buy-out plan say insiders

Nokia doesn't look to be standing on firm ground as of late. The company's shares have been slipping, and while it launched Windows Phones handsets in the form of the Lumia 900 and 710 in the United States, the reception has been mild. Rumors have emerged in the past that Microsoft, or even Samsung, may buy the failing company. The Register has taken the recent rumors as an opportunity to detail how Microsoft did take a look at Nokia's financials and came away less than impressed.

Microsoft is said to have looked at Nokia's books late last year to see if the company was worth acquiring, and walked away having seen the results. Microsoft didn't want to buy Nokia, even ignoring the peek at the financials, Nokia didn't want a sale to happy either. The company isn't in completely dire straits, even if it is struggling, with a cash reserve and a small amount of time with which to utilize it.

The Register goes on to detail how it makes more sense for Microsoft to wait until Nokia is in a much more fragile position. Any acquisition would then be much cheaper, and all the benefits, such as an intellectual property portfolio plus hardware experience, would still be there for the taking.