Microsoft CEO hints at new form factors for Xbox platform

During yesterday's cloud computing talk at the U of W, Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer brought up out of nowhere a few points involving the future of the Xbox platform, swiftly hitting up several prospects of the potentially new form factors, price points, and options.

He revealed, "In the case of the TV we've got both strategies. We actually have a TV implementation in some senses built into Windows," Ballmer said. "It works really well for small screen TVs that you might call a PC, but for that big screen device here's a piece of hardware that we build, there's no diversity. You get exactly the Xboxes that we build for you. We may have more form factors in the future that are designed for various price points and options, but we think it's going to [be] important."

Could we get something like a Vudu, or perhaps an Apple TV-esque media device from the tech giant as the next-generation Xbox?  How will this tie in to the whole Windows Mobile scheme?  We shall see.