Microsoft brings back "Scroogled" campaign to attack Gmail

Microsoft is back at it, folks. You may remember when they first launched their "Scroogled" campaign in order to get back at Google and attack the company for their supposed anti-privacy ways. It looks like Redmond is at it again, only this time they're aiming their targets at Gmail and promoting their new Outlook email service in the meantime.

In the rebooted campaign at, Microsoft talks about how Google goes through your email in order to deliver you ads that cater towards your interest with the headline, "Think Google respects your privacy? Think again!" Then, Microsoft claims that Outlook doesn't go through your personal email to cater ads toward you, and because that, they think you should start using their email service.

Microsoft mentions that 70% of users don't know that email providers go through their emails to sell ads, and that 88% of users don't care for the practice one bit. Microsoft is out to educate email users about how their email can be spied on by Google, and the company wants you to know that Outlook doesn't do such a thing.

Microsoft even launched a petition to help the company get the message across to Google that "going through personal email messages to sell ads is unacceptable." We're not sure how much traction the petition will have, or even if Google will listen, but if the petition actually does get a healthy number of signatures, we might be hearing from Google soon.