Microsoft BlueTrack range get new mice & keyboard set

Microsoft have quietly unveiled three new peripherals in its BlueTrack range, two new mice and a wireless keyboard/mouse set.  The Microsoft BlueTrack Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 is intended for mobile use, and pairs a blue-laser mouse with a mini-USB 2.4GHz transceiver; meanwhile the Wireless Mouse 5000 has a larger transceiver and is intended for desktop use.

Runtime is estimated at up to 10 months for the 6000 and up to 8 months for the 5000.  Each has a power switch to save battery life and, in the case of the 6000, prevent accidentally resuming a sleeping laptop by clicking the mouse while it's in a bag.  The RF transceiver of each can be stowed into a compartment underneath.

As for the Microsoft BlueTrack Wireless Desktop 3000, that pairs the Wireless Mouse 5000 with a regular Wireless Keyboard 3000, using the same RF transceiver and thus only occupying a single USB port.  All three of the new products will begin shipping from June 2009, priced at $50 for the Wireless Mouse 6000, $40 for the Wireless Mouse 5000, and $70 for the Wireless Desktop 3000 set.

[via Electronista]