Microsoft Blu-ray rumors squashed (again)

An inevitable sense of deja-vu today, as Microsoft speak up to once again quash rumors of a Blu-ray drive add-on for the Xbox 360 console.  Speculation began on Wednesday that Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp. had won the contract to supply the external drive, which would be released at an estimated $100 – $150.

"As we've said before, Microsoft has no plans to introduce an Xbox 360 Blu-ray add-on.  Games are what drive consumers to purchase game consoles, and we remain focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster games available" Microsoft spokesperson

Instead, the company is continuing to push forward with digital content distribution.  Microsoft recently signed a deal with Netflix that will see Xbox 360 Gold owners able to stream movies direct to the console.  They also have contracts with major movie studios and TV networks regarding digital rentals.

Similar rumors to this week's Blu-ray speculation surfaced back in May 2008, and despite Microsoft's bets efforts have continued to circulate.  The company originally offered an external HD DVD drive, until the format buckled under the Blu-ray pressure.