Microsoft Band 2 tipped to have tougher variants in some lots

When you put out a wearable device that also targets health buffs, athletes, and people with active lifestyles, you better make sure the band is strong enough to withstand the punishment of the weather as well as wear and tear. It seems, however, that Microsoft didn't take that rule into account with its second gen Band 2. Consumers were apparently swapping torn bands left and right, prompting Microsoft to silently put out a sturdier band. Silently because no one has come forward willingly to confirm that bands with lot numbers starting with "16" are indeed sturdier or thicker, at least long enough to be used without going in for a replacement.

Although not technically a fitness-only wearable, the Microsoft Band 2's non-smartwatch design and marketing does imply it is meant to be used primarily as such. So you one can imagine that the band will undergo no small amount of stress and bending, which apparently didn't match up to reality. This has caused owners to time and again come into Microsoft's physical stores for a replacement. Bad for image, bad for business.

Of course, Microsoft won't readily admit that the quality of its previous Band 2 batch was sub par, so the only reason we're hearing about this supposedly sturdier new lot is because some sales reps were said to have whispered it to be so. To be precise, customers were assured that bands coming from Lot numbers 16XX have been strengthened, either with thicker or newer material.

Supposedly, the lot numbers indicate when the band was made. Lot 1550, for example, was made on the 50th week of 2015. If so, then those in the 16XX batch were made just this year, which could explain the strengthened build. It's unlikely that Microsoft will officially admit to this, but in case you are one of those affected by tearing Band 2's, just be sure to request for a replacement from a 16XX lot before going home with a new band.

VIA: Windows Supersite