Microsoft backs up Windows encryption keys to the cloud

Security is a pretty big deal these days. With more and more personal information stored on your phone and computer, you want to know that your information is safe. But what happens when your OS is putting all of that data at risk?

Those using Windows 10 might be dismayed to know that the encryption key for your disk is automatically stored on the cloud. While there are a lot of things that you want to keep safe by storing in the cloud, this is not one of those things. If your key is somehow intercepted, or someone is able to get into your Microsoft account, they now have the proverbial keys to the kingdom.

So what do you need to do about this? Well, the first thing you'll want to do is check and see if the keys are indeed being stored on the cloud. You can do this by heading to the OneDrive Recovery Key site, and logging in with your Microsoft account. If your key is there, you'll want to back it up to something like a flash drive (which you won't want to lose) and then delete it.

The whole point of having an encryption key is to ensure that no one can gain access to your information. Having the Windows disk encryption key handily stored on the Microsoft account that you used to login is a terrible idea. Your best bet is to keep it in a physically safe location.

VIA: TheNextWeb