Microsoft Arc Comes in White Thanks to Amazon

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When we brought up the Microsoft Arc keyboard earlier this year, we questioned whether or not its durability would be a deciding factor to those that wanted to pick it up. With the ability to store the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle while you're on the move, we're of the mind that Microsoft still would like to market this to the traveler, rather than the stay-at-home business owner. Then again, with how comfortable and sexy as this thing looks, we could be wrong.

First, we've got to mention that Microsoft calls that wireless dongle a "nano transeiver," and we think that's just about the coolest thing we've ever heard. At least, when it comes to wireless dongles, anyway. As for other tricks the Arc has, you can turn the wireless feature on and off as you see fit (which should save on the battery life), and as you can see, it's got a gentle, yet noticeable curve that should help with the comfortability.

But, the surprise isn't in anything you've heard before. The surprise comes thanks to Amazon, who have recently put on the market the upcoming availability of a white version of the Arc keyboard. White and lime, to be exact. And, while the black keyboard may be the most notorious of typing accessories on the market, we have to say that the white/lime combination makes for a pretty attractive piece of equipment. We'd happily bring that with us to places. Now, all we need is a white Arc wireless mouse, and we'll all be set. If you want the black one, you can pick it up for $59.95, but the white one isn't quite available yet.

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