Microsoft Arc Keyboard: Marvelous Mini

Keffan Dolly - Jan 8, 2010, 7:49 am CST
Microsoft Arc Keyboard: Marvelous Mini

As I’m sure you very well know there is a a massive amount of options when it comes to keyboards. With most being like the one just before it, Microsoft’s Arc seems to be an exception to the rule. The ARC is a wireless keyboard designed with both function and style in mind, the overall size of the unit is just 12×6 inches but in no way means it isnt a feature rich device.

The Arc has a few nifty tricks, one of which being the ability to store its 2.4 ghz wireless dongle – or as Microsoft calls it “the stowable nano transceiver” – in the bottom of the keyboard, virtually eliminating the possibility of losing it while traveling. With this in mind it seems that Microsoft has locked its sights directly onto the mobile user which of course means durability could be a deciding factor in whether or not the Arc keyboard is a hit.

The Arc mouse which was released earlier this year shares similar design cues with the Arc keyboard and though reviews have been mixed the mouse has caught on surprisingly quickly due to its unique design and overall pleasing ergonomics. The Microsoft Arc keyboard will apparently land in Best Buy first, priced at $59.99.

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