Microsoft announces XNA game development for the Zune

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 22, 2008, 7:03 am CST

Microsoft is well known for being on the very bleeding edge of technology, paving paths that no one has ever thought to venture down. Take the Zune for example, who thought that digital music was the way of the future? What’s that? Apple beat them to it by half a decade? Oh. Well, Microsoft may have one-upped Apple this time, as they’re going to be opening up the Zune to game developers. Take that Apple!

Yea, so Apple beat them to the punch on that one too. I’m sure that Microsoft has a much more positive outlook on the matter, so I won’t dwell on it any longer. Microsoft announced at GDC this week that later this year they will allow XNA developers to create XBLA-type games for the Zune.

I will say that gaming on the Zune very well may offer some features that the iPod can’t touch. I’m talking wireless multiplayer and Xbox 360 integration. That would be some cool stuff.

[via Xbox360 Fanboy]

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