Microsoft Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings

Evan Selleck - Jul 22, 2010, 2:37 pm CDT
Microsoft Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings

A couple of days ago, Apple announced their fiscal quarterly earnings, and the results pretty much blew everyone away. Apple broke records, their own, and amassed quite a bit of money. Not only that, but their iPhone 4 and iPad gadgets pretty much flew off the shelves. So, with all of that in mind, people were beginning to wonder if Apple would finally surpass Microsoft not only in market cap (as they did a few months back), but also in revenue. Well, Microsoft’s just unveiled the results, and history hasn’t been written here today.

In fact, Microsoft has revealed that they actually had their best fourth quarter, ever. They gained $16.04 billion in revenue in the quarter (versus Apple’s $15.7 billion). So, what’s Microsoft saying showed them the money? They are thanking enterprise and Windows 7 collaborations, as well as Office 2010. As for net income, Microsoft managed to wrangle in a strong $4.52 billion.

Something a bit different this time around, though, is that Microsoft can announce their yearly income, considering they’re counting this as their fourth quarter. They have a reported revenue of $62.48 billion, which marks a 7 percent increase year-over-year. In fact, Microsoft saw an increase in just about every department: their operating income increased 18 percent, while net income and earnings per share climbed 29 and 30 percent, respectively. The information is still developing, so if we hear anything more, we’ll be sure to update as needed.

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