Microsoft And Cray Team Up For Affordable Supercomputer

When you utter the word, "supercomputer" many still imagine the room filled with computer parts, towering high above occupants. Plus, you probably attribute a seriously hefty price tag to these mega comps. But Microsoft and Cray are trying to change that.

Dubbed the "most affordable super computer Cray has ever offered," the Cray CX1 was debuted yesterday and will run a new Microsoft Windows version on 32 or 64 Intel cores. With 4 terabytes of storage, this computer is definitely super and a step toward placing the devices in the mainstream.

And though the CX1 is the most affordable supercomputer out there to date, it still costs $25,000. However, this should open the devices up to a broader user base. You can even buy them online now with a credit card. How much more simple could it get?

[via Gadget Lab at Wired]