Microsoft already hiring for next generation Surface

Microsoft Surface won't be launching until October, but the company is wasting no time in getting the ball rolling on the next generation of Surface devices. A dozen Microsoft job ads have been discovered by TechRadar, and they're all related in one way or another to future iterations of Surface. Microsoft, for its part, maintains that the only Surface devices are the two tablets that have been announced, but that doesn't mean it isn't planning for the future.Microsoft should be planning for the future too, since the tablet industry moves at a breakneck pace. If Microsoft wants to compete with the big boys, it's going to need to be offering new things at a pretty fast rate, which is precisely why it has put these job ads out. The job ads were posted between June and August of this year, and include positions like component specialists, mechanical engineers, and materials experts.

In other words, Microsoft isn't planning to merely update Surface, but to build new products in the Surface line. We already knew that Microsoft was planning to make Surface into a family of products, and it looks as if the company is already beginning to work toward that. These job ads all say "We are currently building the next generation and Surface needs you!" so Microsoft's intentions seem pretty clear.

So there you go – we may all be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first Surface, but Microsoft is already gearing up for the next generation. Don't expect Microsoft to explain these job ads anytime soon, as the company will definitely want to keep any work on the next devices in the Surface line as secret as possible. We'll update you when new information surfaces, but for now, just know that Microsoft is taking this Surface deal very seriously.