Microsoft adds 215 TB of new Bird's Eye imagery to Bing Maps

Microsoft is significantly ramping up the amount of imagery available to users of Bing Maps. Late last month Bing Maps received 165 TB of new imagery to round out its offerings. This week Bing Maps has received another new infusion of imagery to the tune of 215 TB of new Bird's Eye images.

Most of the 215 TB of imagery focuses on Asia and Europe. The data specifically covers Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and Tokyo. While the US didn't get much in the way of new imagery, Microsoft has apparently sharpened up some of its US visuals. The coverage area of the new Birds Eye imagery is massive.

The 215 TB of new imagery covers 88,800 square miles, including new and updated aerial shots. The image you see here is of Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland in Tokyo. Microsoft seems intent on competing with Google and the mapping market, and competition is a good thing.

[via Engadget]