Bing Maps gets 165 TB of new imagery

Microsoft's Bing search engine has announced that its received the largest update to its satellite imagery database for its Maps so far. In fact, Bing says that this update is larger than all of its past aerial releases combined. The latest update weighs in with 165 TB of new data.

The 165 TB of new data comes from satellite imagery data and Global Ortho photography. Before this new 165 TB update, the existing aerial footprint for Bing Maps was only 129 TB total. The aerial photography is high-resolution NADIR or straight-down orthophotos taken by satellite or aircraft.

The new release features coverage of North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The total landmass covered in the update is nearly 38,000,000 kmĀ². Bing notes that as of today the Global Ortho project is 85% acquired and published. Bing also has 100% coverage with aerial photography over the United States and expects to have 100% coverage of Europe this fall.