Microsoft Abacus Watch - is it really so Smart?

If I said "MSN@Direct" to you, what would you say?  How about SPOT?  Would you look at me, blink slowly and then walk on by, or would you snigger something about craptastic wireless information services and dance the jig of market failure as a fitting coup de grace?  Well Microsoft obviously haven't got the message yet (I assume the message contains a link to the YouTube version of that jig) because they're still producing watches that can wirelessly update you with news, stock information and Outlook reminders.

Oh yes, so the screen is higher-resolution and it's apparently "on-demand" rather than "when the system wants to tell you", but is anybody really convinced – outside of Seattle – that this is a needed product?  I ask you, who wouldn't be better served with, say, a Treo or other smartphone, maybe even a Bluetooth-enabled watch for those moments when whipping out your cellphone isn't prudent but you still want to check your schedule.

Sorry guys, but I think you should let this one just die.

MS 'Abacus Smart Watch' shows real-time stock information [AVING]