Micron unveils RealSSD P320h PCIe SSD drive with blazing performance

There are a number of SSDs and storage devices on the market today that get around the bottleneck imposed by the SATA port by going directly to the PCIe bus using an expansion slot. Micron has announced a new SSD that slips into your PCIe slot and offers performance that is just incredible for geeks that are used to SATA SSD speeds. The new PCIe SSD is called the RealSSD P320h and it comes in two high capacity versions.

The P320h uses Micron's 34nm SLC NAND flash memory with two capacities offered for the drive with the smallest being 350GB and the largest being 700GB. The capacity is sufficiently large, but the performance of the P320h is what is really impressive. The SSD is able to hit 3GBs of sustained throughput per second. That works out to 750,000 IOPS read and 341,000 IOPS write performance.

The Micron solution is aimed at the backend infrastructure needed in a club media streaming application and for web servers and online transaction processing among other things. The SSD uses the Micron RAIN technology to ensure the protection of enterprise data across the NAND flash memory channels. The SSD is a full height, half-length device measuring 111.15mm W x 167.65mm L x 14.47mm T. Pricing is unknown with mass production set to start in Q3.