Micro TV Comes Back?

I'm not exactly sure what a 'micro TV' is doing on the market right now when 'the bigger, the better' seems to the TV motto, but it is. Not only that it's a throwback to a 60's version... maybe they are trying to sell off of the retro craze, I don't know.

Anyways, Sony, once again, has a Micro TV concept flitting around. It can fit in the palm of your hand and comes in a fabric casing with standard capabilities. It's the fabric casing that makes this special. They call it "Senseware" in that it can stimulate the senses. Personally, I sense that this may be kind of pointless.

Yeah, it's cute and stuff but what's the point? I wouldn't buy it, nor would I want it. If there is a real reason/purpose being having a micro TV, I'd like to know.

Sony's Micro TV Rests in the Palm of Your Hand [via Born Rich]