Micro Tag - Visa makes quick purchases even quicker

In this day and age everyone is in a hurry. Whether you're running late for work, or you're in a rush to get home and relax, you want to cut corners anywhere you can. One good place is at the checkout. We've all seen Paypass which allows you to use your credit card by just waving it in front of the keypad. You don't get much faster than that, right?

Visa has announced their Micro Tag keychains which work in a similar fashion to the Paypass system. The benefit to the Micro Tag is that you don't even need to bother digging out your wallet. Even better, if you've forgotten your wallet at home, you're still able to make purchases up to $25.

The keychains have no visible identification that links it to your card or account, so even if it's stolen, they're not going to get access to all of your funds. Granted, they can still make purchases up to $25 until you cut them off, but that's much better than them getting ahold of your credit card and making off with thousands in merchandise.

Visa unveils Visa Micro Tag contactless payment device [via geekzone]