Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder is durable and small

There's nothing quite like getting your family on video during the holidays. Especially if you're family is prone to drinking or blurting out secrets during meal time. Having a tiny hand held camcorder can come in real handy in getting the good shots unbeknownst to your relatives.

The Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder is one of those tiny deals that is perfect for families and vloggers alike. It shoots with DVD quality and can record for up to two hours. It'll also take 100 5.4 mega pixel stills and has a 2GB SD card.

It's tiny, it's durable and it only costs $150 from ThinkGeek. That's a tri-fecta of goodness!

Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder – 5.4 megapixel and DVD quality footage [via Red Ferret]