Mickeyphon is a music visualizer that looks like Disney

If Daft Punk and Mickey Mouse had a love child, it would be the Mickeyphon. The Mickeyphon device is an orb with big mouse ears attached that looks like Disney's famous mouse. It does appear to be affiliated with Disney and the mouse Disney made famous inspires it.

The Micketphon is designed to visualize on its front area or "face" any music it hears with lights and patterns. The creators of the device are from a Polish design firm called PanGenerator. As soon as the head hears music, it begins to spin on its axis turning in the direction of the sound.

The rotating head reminds me more than a little of an old school Cylon ready to destroy the world or the head of some killer robot from War of the Worlds. Disney commissioned the device, but it's unclear what the theme park and movie giant plans to do with the mouse head.

The video does a good job of giving a better look at the device and shows kids running willy nilly around the mouse orb banging on musical devices to see what happens. All the sounds in the room are used to create rhythmic patterns on the screen of the orb.

SOURCE: Gizmodo