Michelle Kaufman Designs Contemporary Surfaces - Another Way to Go Green

I'm sure many New Year's Resolutions this year will involve trying to make homes/lifestyles more 'green'. I've seen gadgets galore to help any individual accomplish this, but the Concreteworkds/MKD surfaces are the first I've seen of its kind.

These beautiful counters/surfaces, dubbed the mkPURE and mkISLAND, are made from 'green' materials. The white finish is made from concrete with fly ash and recylcled porcelain, the linen finish is a mix of concrete and rice hull and the gray is concrete, fly ash and rice hull.

The mkPURE starts at $1,950 while the mkISLAND ranks in $5,250. I think people will buy these based on just style without even considering their eco-friendly make-ups.

Contemporary Green Surfaces From Michelle Kaufmann Designs [via Born Rich]