Michael Jackson Experience Delivers South African Horns To Pirates [VIDEO]

Pirates of the Nintendo DS version of the new Michael Jackson; The Experience game are in for an ear-splitting extravaganza as developers have implanted a chorus of vuvuzelas into the game's soundtrack. You'll more than likely find this terrible blast of sound if you download a ROM of the game, Ubisoft creators loling at you as you also find on-screen prompts removed, rendering the game completely and hilariously unplayable.

It's unclear whether this means Ubisoft created this ROM and released it into the wild themselves or planted this functionality into the game, making it activate only once it's torn down to ROM. A Ubisoft spokesperson speaking with Wired Magazine confirmed the wackiness: "The development team worked this feature in as a creative way to discourage any tampering with the retail version of the game." Very wacky indeed. Video below from YouTube user ctkxtreme

[Via Telegraph]