Michael Bay’s TMNT toys: Ninja Turtles get grungy

Chris Burns - Feb 6, 2014
Michael Bay’s TMNT toys: Ninja Turtles get grungy

It would seem that the poster we saw back on the 30th – and subsequently were asked by Paramount to take down – may have been sitting right next to some brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys as well. What we’re seeing today is a single image which depicts three of the Michael Bay film-headed mutants in all their tiny glory. Here we’ve got Raphael looking rather bulky, Donatello looking a bit more lean than in previous iterations, and Michelangelo keeping with the “coolest member of the team” theme through a retro grunge style.

Straight from the unofficial TMNT blog, these characters do not match with the current cartoon unfolding on network television – instead they match perfectly with the images we’ve already seen leaked of the upcoming Michael Bay film. And although we’d like to believe that the difference between the sizes in these three fellows might have to do with a sort of “Turtles in Time” theme for the movie, we’re guessing it has a bit more to do with a re-adjustment of roles for our heroes.


Always the maddest of the group, it’s clear here that Raphael’s rage problem persists. Wearing a loincloth with a loosely-fitting belt alongside some boxing wraps around his wrists and feet, Raphael also sports the classic red headband mask – though here its also a head wrap, unlike the rest of the Turtles in this title.


Raphael also sports a pair of saitachi – better known in their singular form, the sai, the same weapon carried by this hero in the original cartoon series and films. Raphael also appears to be massive. It’s likely they’ll suggest that he’s obsessed with accumulating mass – somehow or another.


The scientist of the group seems to be carrying on his role with a slightly more well-kept appearance with some maroon and off-brown pads while his purple headband mask remains. While Donatello still carries a bo, here it may very well be an extendable bo – much more technologically sound, and better for carrying around sewers, of course.


Donatello also appears o be carrying some new science gear, and a headset. He’s also – again – much more lean than previous iterations. Previous TMNT series have had all four of these characters more or less the same size – here they’ve clearly grown up with different diets and interests.


The fun-lovingest Turtle – every kid’s favorite – Michelangelo comes in with Turtle-cut sneakers and a sweatshirt tied around his waist. His pants match his shoes, and he’s wearing exercise gloves and a set of chains around his neck. This Michelangelo clearly continues to be in-tune with his outward appearance, and continues to sport the orange mask as in previous versions of himself as well.


Michelangelo also continues to carry nunchaku, aka nunchucks, instead of the change-over to kusarigama that appeared in the 2012 cartoon series. Here his weapons remain defensive – non-lethal, that is. Michelangelo also dons a smile, letting us know that his outlook remains pure.


These three characters make a bit play for the future of the franchise, aiming for a re-invigoration rather than any type of cheap cash-grab. The Michael Bay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film will be appearing on the 8th of August, 2014, right here in the USA. Let us know if you’re fully freaked out or if you’ll be heading in on launch day!

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