Micaton magnetic screw holder makes DIY easier

Anyone who has tried to build or repair something that needed a few screws put in it knows that getting those screws started can be a literal pain. Slip the screwdriver off the screw head and it always seems to want to cut fingers or mar wood. A new device called the Micaton magnetic screw holder promises to make screwing things together easier and less painful.

The device is a small magnetic screw holder that is available in all common screw and screwdriver sizes. The magnetic holders can be attached to manual screwdrivers or to bits meant to be used with a drill or electric screwdriver.

Backers of the project on Kickstarter can opt for a kit that has special hardened drill bits that are color coded to match the Micaton magnetic holders making it easy to grab the correct drill bit and screw holder combination. The screw holder itself is made of an elastomer that absorbs shock and allows you to countersink the screws you are putting into a surface.

The project is on Kickstarter seeking $50,000 and has raised over $74,000 with 12 days to go. A pledge of $12 or more will get you a full set of the magnetic holders. A pledge of $30 or more gets you the holders and drill bits with shipping estimated to happen in May.

SOURCE: Kickstarter