MIC Store unveils 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit

Shane McGlaun - Dec 15, 2010
MIC Store unveils 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit

The official Apple iPad connection kit became a very popular accessory when geeks realized that it could be used to connect more to their iPad than just a camera. The official camera kit became so popular early on, that it was hard to find. If you want one of those connection kits and you have long wished for Apple to add a memory card reader MIC Store has the perfect accessory for you.

The company has just unveiled a new gadget called the 3-in-1 iPad Camera connection Kit. Like the official Apple kit, it has a USB port for connecting your digital camera to the iPad. It also has a slot for microSD cards and one for normal SD cards.

The accessory can be had in black or white colors and you can pre-order either color right now for $29.90. The camera kit plugs into the charge and sync adapter slot on the bottom of the iPad. If you do, order be aware that this is a pre-order and the company will deliver after Christmas.

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