MI6 fights cyber-terrorists with cupcakes

Chris Davies - Jun 3, 2011
MI6 fights cyber-terrorists with cupcakes

Hacking these days generally means taking down Sony‘s servers and/or whipping out all of its subscriber data to sell on the black market, but it can also be a force for sugary good. MI6 has attempted to bring delicious, peace-making cupcakes to the terrorism-torn Arabian Peninsular, The Telegraph reports, by replacing a recipe for building a DIY pipe-bomb in an al-Qaeda digital magazine with instructions for making, along others, Mojito Cupcakes and Rocky Road Cupcakes.

The digital magazine – written in English – is believed by intelligence services to be al-Qaeda’s latest ploy to recruit would-be terrorists by giving radicals instructions on how to create bombs. The cupcake recipes were borrowed from¬†Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio, having been written for Ellen DeGeneres’ US show.

They replaced a feature “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom” as well as articles entitled “What to expect in Jihad” as well as features by prominent al-Qaeda figureheads including Osama bin Laden. Apparently both US and British intelligence agencies planned cyber-attacks on the magazine download, though the US project was called off after the CIA argued it could disrupt a potential intelligence source.

[Image credit: Mandi Crocker]

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