MEZZI SUPERslim Aluminum Gadget Briefcase - Aren't you a little slim for a briefcase?

Do people still carry briefcases? I'm sure they do, as not everyone seems to need their laptop everywhere they go. If you want to make yourself look and feel more important than you really are, try carrying around a briefcase. If you want to look really good, try carrying around one of these.

The MEZZI SUPERslim Aluminum Gadget Briefcase is very interesting. I'm not really sure what constitutes it being a "gadget briefcase," It's got a few pockets that could potentially store a few small gadgets. This looks more like something you would carry if you had a few highly-classified government documents that you were transporting.

If you have a few gadgets that you need to carry, and don't feel the need to bring your laptop, I guess this is the one for you. It certainly does have good looks, I'm just not sure how practical it is as a "gadget briefcase." You can pick one up for $59.99.

MEZZI SUPERslim Aluminum Gadget Briefcase [via ohgizmo]