Metallica Lemmy tribute sends Motorhead up with Gorillaz

Gorillaz animator Robert Valley has been enlisted by Metallica to animate their latest music video, a tribute to Lemmy Killmeister. The dark god of rock and roll and founder of Motorhead died earlier this year, a year that'll forever be known as one of the worst years in the modern history of mankind. The music video is one of a collection of videos made for Metallica's newest album "Hardwired... to Self-Destruct."

This video takes a Gorillaz approach to animation, keeping it quite still throughout. This fits well with the aesthetic often chosen by rock groups that use a massive display behind their acts – flat, moving pieces, heavy metal. This also allows for more detailed images that were once only photos to be brought back to life.

Next you'll see a video showing Lemmy practicing with Metallica for a concert date they performed earlier this century. They practice the song Damage Case here, then they play more later on. EDIT: that's Too Late Too Late they play later on, mind you.

Those that love Motorhead, Lemmy, or one or the other (somehow, even though that's impossible), have a peek at the 2010 documentary Lemmy. This documentary is quite solid, working with Lemmy himself through a brief touring period and watching him go through his collection of questionable memorabilia. Have a peek at the Lemmy Documentary page to see where it's available now.

UPDATE: To be clear, I am recommending that you, the reader, have a peek at the Lemmy Documentary. When I first saw it, I knew who Lemmy was, but I knew very little about his life. This combined with the video at the head of this article should serve to give the whole world a bit more insight.

Metallica's "Hardwired... to Self-Destruct" will be released starting on November 18th, 2016 at a "Blackened Friday" event. That'll be in around 12 hours from the point at which this article is published. To see a map of independent record stores where the album will be made available at a midnight event, head to Metallica's Blackened page.