Metal Gear Solid V revealed: hard-hitting mega-title coming up!

This week at the 2013 Game Developer's Conference a couple of mysterious trailers from the past few weeks have been combined by the folks at Kojima to create Metal Gear Solid V. This is the first time the game has been officially revealed as existing, while two trailers – "The Phantom Pain" and "Ground Zeroes" – were both actually part of a series of pieces leading up to this final first push. Metal Gear Solid V (or Metal Gear Solid 5, if you prefer), is loaded and ready for action.

What you're seeing here is the trailer shown on-stage today courtesy of Hideo Kojima – the presenter at hand, mind you, was wearing a bandage around his head and a t-short that read "Phantom Pain" as he did so. None too subtle! If you don't see it here already, you'll soon be having a peek at some more gameplay as well.

As far as the title Ground Zeroes goes – that's just another piece of the game's plotline. According to TheSixthAxis, we'll be seeing Ground Zeroes late in the game while The Phantom Pain will be a bit of a prologue sort of presentation. For those of you wondering, that's actor (and again voice actor) Keifer Sutherland helping Snake out of the hospital, and the band Garbage doing the soundtrack we're hearing thus far.

Here you'll see The Phantom Pain as revealed at the 2012 Video Game Awards – remember and freak out accordingly!

Also be sure to remember the greatness that was – and will be – Ground Zeroes in its first trailer here:

Stay tuned as we find out more information than you can handle about this futuristic blast-fest and dive deeper into tapping on windows and walls than you'll ever have wanted to go! Check the timeline below for more Metal Gear Solid action as well!