Metal Gear Solid fan-made Unreal 4 remake dies

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been around for many years. The last game in the franchise was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. E3 trailers for that game turned up last summer and looked fantastic. The first MGS game launched in September of 1998 on the PlayStation game console and the graphics were nothing like the latest games in the franchise.

Fans of that original game decided that they were going to make an unofficial remake of the original MGS title using Unreal Engine 4. That remake would have brought back the action that fans loved with the original game with much improved graphics. Sadly, that unofficial remake has now been cancelled.

The project was known as Shadow Moses and all we know for now is that the folks behind it are saying, "We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control." Some will see this as a project that Konami killed off, but at this time the exact reason for the cancellation is unknown. The team behind this project has said that "some other news" will be coming later.

Exactly when later is we don't know. Looking at this project realistically, the cancellation isn't a surprise. The chances of any major game developer allowing someone to remake their game in whole, even if profit isn't involved, are slim. Reports also indicate that Project Moses wasn't a team, but the work of a single person. Remaking an entire game using Unreal Engine 4 is certainly not a one-man job. If you missed the trailer for the Shadow Moses Project, it's worth a look even if it's sad that we will never get to play the game.