Metal Gear Solid 4 to feature lengthy 90 minute cut-scenes

I've always been on the fence about cut-scenes in games. One part of me knows that they are a necessary part of the storytelling process, while the other side gets dreadfully bored watching them drag on for several minutes. I guess it depends on the game, how well the scenes are made and how long they last, really. If time is a factor for you, then you might not enjoy the lengthy cuts-scenes featured in Metal Gear Solid 4.

How long would you consider to be too long for a cut-scene? 5 minutes, 15 minutes? I can almost bet that you'd draw the line before the 90 minute mark (I know I would). Well if that's the case, then hold onto your hats because the game will feature scenes nearly 90 minutes in length.

No, I didn't say that the grand sum of the scenes would be almost 90 minutes, nor did I say that just one of the scenes would be of that length. The term is plural, and that's no typo. Thankfully you can skip the cut-scenes, but I have a feeling that you'll be missing out on a lot of the story.

[via CAVG]