Metal Gear Solid 4 custom PS3 console storms eBay

Take a 60GB PS3, add a carbon fiber Fox Hound logo, laser cut stainless steel Metal Gear Solid 4 marquee, "digital camouflage" paint-job and the signature of Hideo Kojima and you might be lucky enough to end up with this: a Metal Gear Solid 4 one-of-a-kind console-tribute.  Currently rocking in at $7,600 (at time of writing) on eBay, it's the work of Morpheon Mods and being auctioned, in part, for the "Child's Play" children's hospital charity.

Lest you think you could achieve the same thing with a vinyl wrap, consider this: the PS3 side-panel is a one-off 'black' laser etching, heat-shaped to the contours of the console, backlit with 15 adjustable LEDs and then mounted using custom stainless steel standoffs.  Even the Blu-ray drive bezel and other metal touches have been replaced with laser-cut stainless steel.

The accompanying controller has been given red backlighting and a custom '4' button, plus there's a variety of limited-edition MGS4 goodies including patches, exclusive Japanese import items and a custom hard case for protecting the console itself.  With 55 bids so-far, and over five days to run, who knows how high it can go.

[via Born Rich]