Metal Detecting Car – Turn your kids into beach bums early

Christina Crouch - Dec 5, 2007

I’ve always wanted a metal detector; the problem with owning one comes when other people around you have them too. No one wants to share their space, god forbid you find their buried treasure! If only there was a way to hide your metal detecting ways…

The Metal-Detect-Card is one crafty R/C car. Not only can you live out your treasure hunting fantasies, your kids could also have a toy to play with… or the kid in you could have one. Who would suspect a simple little car to really be on the hunt? No one that’s who! This little device has built in technology that will identify lost/hidden/buried metallic objects under rough terrain.

The London Science Museum has even slapped its approval on this R/C, and I trust them! This is definitely a great toy/tool to think about this season for anyone on your shopping list.

Metal-Detect-Car finds your buried treasure [via Crave]

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