Message Tape fakes digital messages

Christina Crouch - Jan 21, 2008

If you told me about an item from a store called SuckUK I’d think one of two things: you’re crazy or perverted. If you went on to tell me it was message tape it’d still be a toss up. However, message tape from SuckUK is pretty nifty once you get past all the names.

The tape is pretty simple to use and actually, I think, kind of clever. Here’s what you do: take your strip of tape, which comes in either dot-matrix or segmented styles and you black out the white portions to create your message. Easy stuff, except it’d be easier if they could just let you make the letters instead. Since it has this free form style you can use the message tape in almost any language which makes it very flexible.

Message tape costs about $10-$12 a roll, which isn’t a bad price. Even though I like this product I can’t help but think I’d find it in some kind of B sci-fi movie, but a little cooler.

Message Tape
[via technabob]

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