Mercedes to get Apple-designed GPS in 2009?

There's an old joke about cars running some incarnation of Windows suffering a BSOD as you're doing 70mph down the freeway; what might the equivalent be if your car's computer used Apple's OS instead?  German magazine "FOCUS" is reporting that as of 2009 Mercedes will be using a navigation system designed by Apple:

"According to FOCUS-Information, Mercedes will equip its vehicles exclusively with a Navigation System from Apple's design-laboratories starting in 2009. After six months other car manufacturers shall follow"

The cynic in me has doubts – it seems a very specific niche for Apple to go for, especially when with the simple addition of a GPS receiver the iPhone would appear to be an obvious starting point for a transferable sat-nav device – but FOCUS author Alexander von Streit is convinced it's true:

"There haven't been any official announcements from Apple. However, FOCUS has information on hand form a very reliable and authentic source"

Reliable sources aren't necessarily correct 100% of the time, but it would be an interesting direction for Apple to move in.  The Mac mini proved a good starting point for many DIYers' in-car computer projects, and the quality of OEM interfaces and graphics have been catching up with the more attractive computer desktops.  Maybe this is a sideline for Apple's design labs, producing custom interfaces?

FOCUS [translated] [via The Apple Press]