Mercedes talks about the all-new S-Class in a new digital special July 29

Mercedes is preparing to launch an all-new version of its luxurious S-Class car. That world premiere will happen in September, and ahead of that, Mercedes is talking about a second edition of its "Meet the S-Class DIGITAL" special that will give fans new information on the technical invasions that will be found in the vehicle when it launches. Mercedes promises the car will set new standards in safety and comfort while making driving easier with new Intelligent functions.Mercedes says that each generation of the S-Class has set new safety benchmarks for their respective eras. Innovations that first surfaced in the S-Class have included things like airbags and ESP. The new S-Class will be the first car worldwide to be equipped with airbags for rear-seat passengers to protect them in a frontal impact.

The rear-seat airbags must be able to adapt child seats when they deploy. The airbags are also combined with a Belt Bag, which is an inflatable safety belt for the rear-seat passenger. S-Class will also see an expansion of Pre-Safe technology.

That feature uses radar sensors to identify an imminent side impact. When an imminent impact is detected, the system protects occupants using air cushions in the seats to move the driver or front passenger towards the center of the vehicle while simultaneously raising the entire vehicle using the PE-Active Body Control suspension.

By raising the vehicle, the impact forces are diverted to stiffer structures within the vehicle. The digital news format will be a moderated show with a studio interview as well as reports from location and test tracks. Those who missed the first episode of "Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: My MBUX" can watch that episode on demand. Mercedes plans to air the third episode on August 12, focusing on interior comfort.