Mercedes' newest live-action Mario ads are uncomfortable

Back in May, Mercedes introduced a commercial in Japan featuring its GLA cruising down an 8-bit Mario world, only to swoop into real-life where a buff Mario steps out of the car and into a live-action rendition of the world. This Mario accidentally hits a goomba with his foot and comes to a startled stop. The commercial was bizarre, but it wasn't the end. On Monday, Mercedes released two more commercials for the Japanese market, both featuring the same Mario character joined by Luigi and Peach.

Both of the new ads start in the 3D version of Mario Kart, where Mario is seen zipping around in a roofless Mercedes, again bouncing over into a live-action version of the world. In the first video, featured below, Mario loses the race to Luigi, who gets out of his red GLA and starts doing a robotic victory dance. There's a banana peel slip at the end to top it off.

The second ad, featured below, is nearly identical, only this time it is Peach in the red GLA, and she walks away smugly, only to almost be smashed by a stray green shell. She jumps over it at the last second, hand over mouth, while Mario grabs his head in horror.

In case you missed the original version that aired earlier this year, we've tossed it in below. If you find the live-action version of Mario and his pals enticing, be sure to check out "The Four Players" mini series on YouTube, which is decidedly darker.

SOURCE: Kotaku