Mercedes creates invisible F-Cell car

Invisibility cloaks might be great for sneaking around as a teen wizard, but making your car invisible probably isn't such a great idea; still, Mercedes Benz's promo for the F-Cell zer0 emissions technology is impressive all the same. One side of the car was covered with sheets of multicolored LEDs, showing a feed from a Canon 5D MkII camera on the other side, before Mercedes took to the streets of Germany to confuse pedestrians.

Although the resolution of the LED panels themselves is relatively low, at a suitable distance it's enough to give a strong enough impression of being able to see right through the car. The effect is most impressive when the Mercedes is parked out in the wilderness, suddenly jumping out at you in the video below when the panels cycle through bright colors.

The LED tech is actually being considered by the US military for so-called invisible tanks, cladding armored vehicles in panels that help disguise them against their background. That's useful on the battlefield, but not so much on the roads in your brand new F-Cell powered Merc.

Still, the company's slogan with F-Cell is "invisible to the environment" and that makes for some good marketing. The fuel-cell itself runs on hydrogen, and emits only water and oxygen as byproducts.

[via NOTCOT and via Mashable]