Mercedes-Benz to use Garmin navigation in future models

Craig Lloyd - Apr 2, 2013
Mercedes-Benz to use Garmin navigation in future models

Garmin has announced today that Daimler AG has picked the company to be the navigation system partner for most future Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Garmin is one of the big front runners in the navigation system industry, and they even have mobile apps that iOS and Android users can take advantage of while on the road.

Garmin has been in the navigation business for a while, and they’ve been a go-to solution for GPS products. However, the next time you buy a new Mercedes-Benz, it could come with an infotainment system with Garmin navigation component built right in, although there’s no word on when exactly Mercedes-Benz will begin putting Garmin units in their new cars. However, it’s said that the car maker will be slowly ramping up Garmin integration over the next four years.

Garmin says that the built-in navigation for these new Mercedes-Benz models will not only display the usual navigation stuff, but drivers will also have access to other navigation information, like when your next turn is, which will show up on a second display positioned behind the steering wheel, so that drivers can easily glance at it.

The infotainment systems will come with navigation functions that can be controlled via voice while driving, creating a safe, hands-free environment. Plus, Garmin will include technology that will provide GPS information for Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS), which can assist drivers in dangerous road conditions.

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