Mercedes-Benz EQC teaser takes a look inside

While the tech world is busy sifting through the wave after wave of consumer electronics announcements being made at IFA in Berlin, automotive fans are still on the edge of their seats for what is set to happen next week. On Tuesday, Mercedes-Benz is scheduled to fully take the camouflage off the newest member of its "Electric Intelligence" EQ family, the EQC. But not before teasing its interior, giving fans an appetizer of the futuristic technology inside the fully electric SUV.

This is actually Mercedes-Benz's third teaser ever since it announced that the EQC would be unveiled on September 4. All three have given glimpses on one side of the SUV. The very first, which came on the schedule announcement, shed some light on the front of the vehicle, including its headlight strip.

Two days later, MB was back on Twitter to show off the EQC's rear, featuring a red light strip that crosses the entire width of the car.

And like clockwork, Mercedes-Benz returns two days later, now revealing what will be the driver's primary interface for communicating with the car. The EQC dashboard is all screen and unifies instrumentation cluster and media controls. The display seems to stretch across the entire width, seemingly a theme on the EQC.

If we're lucky, we might be treated to yet another angle of the EQC in two days. Perhaps teasing the SUV's profile. Not that there's need to rush, with barely a week left before the full reveal of the production model, including actual figures for battery and, most importantly, range. At 250 miles per charge, the electric SUV might find it harder to compete with other EVs in its class.