Mercedes-Benz Biome Concept Car is Grown Inside a Nursery

Concept cars are meant to look fantastic. They're a shining image, or model, of what car company's have planned for the years to come. It's unfortunate that most of those concepts are never brought to life, especially when they look as unique, and as awesome as this Mercedes-Benz Biome concept car does. Just one look, and this is a vehicle that you'd want to drive. But, it's when you get into the details of the vehicle, that things great really interesting.

According to Mercedes-Benz, this is the first car that's actually "grown." They mean that it's grown in a nursery, and that it is molded to fit a particular driver's needs and wants. Basically, the shape, elements of the vehicle, and anything else Mercedes-Benz feels should be customized, will be made to fit what the driver wants. This way, no Biome vehicle will be completely like another. The wheels are apparently grown from four different seeds, which provide them with their rounded, "puffy" look.

The car is also a solar collector. It's designed to work like a leaf, and absorb solar energy while you're out and driving about. The result? That's what would power the vehicle, mostly. Other details about the vehicle are still anyone's guess, but with what's already known, we are already starting to count down the days until the Biome becomes the real deal.

[via DVICE]