MemoryMirror: trying on clothes using a smart mirror

Our future will involve "trying on" clothing at stores without removing a single garment, something achieved through the use of smart mirrors. MemoMi's MemoryMirror has given us a glimpse (pun intended) of this future, allowing customers to stand in front of it and see their digital visage in the reflection adorned with outfits other than the one they're wearing. It's simple, fast, and is (soon) coming to a store near you, assuming you live near a certain Neiman Marcus department store in California.

Such a mirror could one day be found inside a home, where one can compare their own clothing options. For now, however, the MemoryMirror is what is available and it is targeted at clothing stores, including the Neiman Marcus store in Walnut Creek, California where the device is in the process of rolling out.

As with many other smart devices, the MemoryMirror works with a related app (or, alternatively, gestures). Users are able to see the back of their outfit alongside the front, as an example, as well as different variations of their clothes (seeing your shirt in a different color, as another example).

Because the digital world is rarely a private one, the smart mirror also allows users to share their images with social media accounts, through email, or with one's self. On the flipside, stores with the mirror can use it to help collect data on customers.

VIA: The Next Web