Melchior mechanical time keeping robot is a table clock

I love the intricate pieces and workmanship that go into mechanical watches that don't need batteries. It's very intriguing to think that someone somewhere designed all these gears and springs to make a watch keep accurate time without resorting to electrics. A mechanical watchmaker called MB&F has unveiled one of its tenth anniversary timepieces and it's not a wristwatch.

This timepiece is called Melchior and it's a time keeping robot that is a table clock. Each of the incredibly intricate table clocks resembles a robot standing on the shelf and is made from 480 pieces. It's completely mechanical and was designed by Xin Wang.

It uses a high-end L'Epee clock movement that is the head and torso of a robot. It has moving eyes that are actually double retrograde 20-second counters. The steel arms rotate with movement in the upper and lower arms.

The Gatling gun left arm is removable and is used as the winding mechanism for the clock. Power reserve for the clock after a full wind up is 40 days. The regulator of the clock is on top of its head under a polished glass dome making it visible. Only 99 units will be made with a solid silver version or a two-tone version available.

SOURCE: Perpetuelle