Meizu Pro 7 could have a second display on its back

Phones with second screens are nothing new. LG and HTC put a strip at the top of their phones. Yota even has a full-sized one made of e-ink. So when rumors swirl that Chinese OEM Meizu is planning to have one for its upcoming Pro 7, it might not be that much of a shock. But how and where it plans to implement it, at least based on these leaks, could be. That's because the Meizu Pro 7 might have a somewhat small second display in just a small section of its back.

We aren't entirely sure about the accuracy of this word of mouth rumor, especially considering how far out it looks in practice. In a way, it seems to combine the YotaPhone's use of e-ink with LG's not fullscreen second screen idea. But not all good ideas, when combined, yields another good idea.

The leak comes in the form of photos of what is allegedly the Meizu Pro 7's frame and back cover, showing a rather odd cutout on the left side of the device. The theory is that it would house a second display and an e-ink one at that.

But what would be the use for such a second screen? Like the YotaPhone, it could show less dynamic content that you might want to see at a glance without waking up your main screen. Information like date and time, weather, and maybe notifications. It can show much more information than LG's Second Screen, take up less space than YotaPhone's version, and might cost less to make and consume less power.

It still raises the question of "why?". It is too small to be useful without squinting and its location seems to be begging to be accidentally activated, presuming it does have touch controls. Then again, this could just be someone's crazy idea that may (or should) never see the light of day.

VIA: GizmoChina